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Acacia Sandalwood

A composition of sultry sandalwood, oud and acacia, ever so softened by warmed vanilla and tonka.

Top: cardamom
Middle: sandalwood, acacia, agarwood
Base: cedarwood, tonka bean, vanilla orchid

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All Candles

All Candles

Amber Tarragon

Amber and sensuous woods lightly sweetened by vanilla, unveiling a heart of fresh tarragon, tuberose and basil. Such a gorgeous woody and earthy fragrance. 

Scent Profile
Top Notes: vanilla, fennel
Middle Notes: amber, tuberose, tarragon, basil
Base Notes: tonka bean, cedarwood, sandalwood

Balsam & Cinder

A mingling of fir needle, balsam and spruce with hints of citrus and smoky woods. A cozy, sultry blend reminiscent of festive, chilly evenings by the fire. This scent is seasonal and is only available from September through December.

Top: orange zest, cinnamon
Middle: cypress, fir needle, balsam fir
Base: spruce, vetiver, smoky woods


Sultry and soft layers of santal, fig, amber, accompanied by cedarwood and oakmoss,  with a hint of toasted coconut.

Top: violet leaf
Middle: fig, cedarwood
Base: sandalwood, amber, coconut, vanilla


Makana Botanical Bar Soaps in various scents stacked on white marble background

Botanical Body Bars

Hand-crafted in-house using the traditional cold process method, our bar soaps are made with 100% plant and earth-based ingredients consisting only of organic vegetable oils, mango butter, our proprietary blend of essential oils, natural clays and botanicals. 

Each bar is cut by hand and packaged in our paper boxes with a minimalist design. Free of palm oil, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, chemical additives, and artificial colorants. 

Vegan and cruelty-free.

Classic Candle - No Packaging

Classic Candle - No Packaging

Enjoy our Classic Candles with a green, no packaging option. Available in all scents.


Candle is sold without white, round packaging container. Final Sale, No Refunds or Exchanges on theses items. 

Classic Candles

Coastal Cypress

Inspired by a lush and verdant California coastline capturing the scent of salty, ocean air with conifer trees, and grounded by earthy peppergrass.

Top: kaffir lime
Middle: sea salt, juniper, cypress, fig, coast redwood
Base: peppergrass, moss 

Coconut Milk

Setting the scene for a perfect island escape: creamy coconut gently layered over a base of Tahitian vanilla and accented by a hint of rum.

Top: rum
Middle: coconut
Base: tahitian vanilla, sweet cream 

Makana concrete candle vessels, less-than-perfect, in pink, grey, white and black colors with muted white background

Concrete Collection Seconds

The Japanese term wabi-sabi refers to an aesthetic philosophy that celebrates the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and authenticity in life. It's all about finding beauty in the natural cycle of growth and decay, and embracing the uniqueness of each moment and object.

So how are our less-than-perfect concrete candles expressing their best wabi-sabi lives? In the vessels themselves there may be little holes or pockmarks scattered across the surface of the concrete, giving them a unique, rustic charm.

There also may be inconsistent coloration or variations in the sealant, adding character and personality to each vessel.

But when it comes to the candles themselves, these‚Äôs nothing less-than-perfect ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs still the same creamy coconut-soy botanical blend and the phthalate-free fragrances you‚Äôve come to love.

What you get is a beautiful combination of perfect and imperfect all together in one sweet little gift, ready to fill your space with delightful scents and cozy vibes.

Concrete Vessel Candles

Concrete Vessel Candles

Honoring the tradition of timeless craftsmanship, our new collection juxtaposes the sculptural lines of raw concrete with the soft hues created by natural pigments, and complemented by our gentle fragrance blends.

We hand-cast our concrete vessels in-house and each has its own unique variations in texture and color. Our candles are poured in small batches with our house coconut-soy wax blend, phthalate-free fragrances with essential oils, and lead-free cotton wicking.

Each concrete candle comes packaged in our signature cylindrical packaging with soft colors matching the vessel.




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Favorites for Summer

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